Thursday, 24 June 2010

Barn Owl display

Well ! What a display from our Barn Owl last night.

The Program will not let me move the pictures to the right order (or I don't know how to do it ) and I know the quality is not so good but it was a heart lifting experience which I wanted to share.

Here he is turning ready to pounce on some poor rodent!

Quite a long way off gliding about 2 foot above the wheat.
The evening sky just before he appeared

Well what can I say!

We went up to the field again last evening as the twilight was beginning but this time armed with my video camera. I was beginning to get cold and was about to give up when Jan gave a shout from her Bat Listening vantage point and there he was!
Might try to get my old (Non HD) night vision camera working if he comes back again tonight.
Meanwhile Owen is no better and has to go back to the Vet this afternoon.

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