Saturday, 26 June 2010

Being Watched

Set off to watch Barny as usual last night but he only made a brief circuit of the main wheat field before disappearing into the gloom towards the village and Mark Webber's house. Possible gone to feed on his Peacocks if they have any chicks.

Meanwhile as we waited I became aware that we were being watched by a large dark coloured owl sitting on a dead branch jutting out of the top of the Airfield perimeter hedge. After a while Tawny flew off into the aerodrome to be replaced, a few moments later by a very small owl. A small skirmish ensued when Tawny returned to reclaim his perch and Eddy (Little Owl) fled.

Lamb is still calling for his mum although mum no longer replies. (Can you have a lamb that is a little horse? We Have!)

Saw all 5 Moorhen chicks again fleetingly. I will try to get some pictures as they are now so much bolder.

Owen still very poorly. We have difficulty getting him to swallow the 8 tablets a day and he won't eat so we can't start him on the steroids but he still follows me around outside and he cleared all his balls out of the way of the mower yesterday.

Pool crystal clear and up to 25 deg C
Hens still sitting, others still laying, no rats caught.

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