Friday, 25 June 2010


Disappointed...well how silly!
After the football we all returned to watch the Barn Owl and I had coaxed my old Infra Red Cam corder to life to get some better shots but "Barny" came later and it was darker and the camcorder was on autofocus and ........ well I got virtually nothing.
But "HEY"! How many people ever see a Barn Owl that close?
Meanwhile the Mock Orange and the Mallow are in flower. The Moorhen family still have 5 healthy chicks and I have not caught any rats in traps for 2 nights.....have I got them all yet????
Rabits everywhere and the last lamb was taken away from his Mum yesterday so they both bleeted to each other all night......still going this morning!
Fresh peas and a strawberry for tea.

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