Monday, 28 June 2010


Those pesky herons are still about. Not content with killing fish far too big for them to eat they are now showing far too much interest in the Moorhen Chicks. I am glad to say there were still 5 alive and well this morning.
Barny was seen very briefly last evening and a deer bolted for the woods as he flew past but I think that was because of us not the owl. Tawny sat outside my bedroom window and complained about the noise my snoring made.
Owen actually ate a little.
Parties both sides to watch the football fiasco did not appear to upset any wildlife at all.
Actually saw the Red Kites in the distance briefly...don't know why they have moved off....perhaps the hot weather has encouraged them to fly higher than I have been looking.
NO EGGS yesterday for the first time since the new hens arrived in early Spring.

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