Sunday, 27 June 2010


Airfield and Luton flightpath in full swing all day with full sunshine and heat plus all the grass mowings and really isn't quiet in the country!

Took some video of the garden wildlife including a baby rabbit, the Moorhen Chicks, mating common Coenagrion and a male Banded Demoiselle (Damselflies) as well as some not quite wild flowers. The flight of the Demoiselle was almost impossible to capture and what I got is slowed to half speed (The noise is a plane taxiing to take off...LOL).
The Editing is very rough as I don't want to spend all day indoors in this lovely weather.
Extra time in the USA Ghana match delayed our Owl watch and they were not seen although we heard Tawny calling from the woods and the RAF police dogs were having a real good bark to compete with the Muntjac that had barked for a while the night before.

Dog still won't eat but enjoys his night walk trying to find rats and finding lots of frogs and toads.
Happy Birthday James!

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