Thursday, 15 July 2010

Got one - Lost one

I had a medium sized rat in one of the traps this morning so that is more food for the Kites and one less pest.
Unfortunately the little yellow duckling dropped dead yesterday morning. Maybe had a stroke. Life is very precarious when you are that small. And it always seems to be the cutest that are the least robust.
Otherwise all is well. The chopping saw is repaired but I can't use it as the Maron's family night residence is on the saw bench. The family were extremely well behaved last evening and this morning so perhaps they have got the idea of the routine for moving between night and day accommodation and have accepted it. I think the secret is to make sure the hen can see the chicks at all times. Quite a neat move sticking her under my right arm whilst catching 4 chicks and popping them into a bucket with my left hand whilst keeping the hen pointing the right way! Then walk to the next pen , empty the chicks into it and just let the hen go as she will go straight to the chicks.....well so far she has.
The Moorhen chicks have started to wander near and far. They grow up so fast. maybe another lot is on the way as Mum has built at least 3 more nests.
I gave up with Snowflake (no ring). I have given her 4 eggs (selected by Jan). So we might have more chicks at the beginning of August. Her identical twin (Snowflake (with ring) now has a very smart ring round one leg. Maron Mummy has a ring and her twin doesn't. The two ring bearers were as good as gold whilst they were fitted and just sat on my lap and watched.
Girls and Rings Eh?

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