Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Not more chicks?

One of the two White Sussex hens has gone broody.
I have coaxed her off other hen's eggs, taken her favourite box away and generally been horrid to her for a couple of weeks now....but she won't give up.
This morning she was sitting on the floor where the box used to be on some sawdust....and defending it from all comers!
I have put her box back and given her 4 snooker balls. Wait and see what happens.
If she does sit she will be a monster to manage as her first reaction is to peck and peck hard. My other broodies have been real ladies and have never pecked me.
I can't leave the chicks / ducklings in the adult runs yet as there is still evidence of Rats about, although I have not seen or caught any recently. So that will have to wait until they are big enough to stand a chance against Ratty!
I do push the limit as the run I have for hens with chicks is occupied by Blondie with the Ducklings and the Maron with her 4 chicks has to move between the old Guinea Pig Hutch where she overnights in safety to The Guinea Pig lawn run during the day. This involves catching each chick from well within striking range of the mother's beak, popping them in a bucket and then picking up the hen and carrying all between locations.
So far so good, but today the first chick managed to jump back into the hutch whilst I was catching the second. This could become quite a game!

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