Wednesday, 25 August 2010

5Star NHS

Yesterday Jan's quarterly visit to the Specialist was booked for 1500hrs so I dropped her off in the purpose made "drop off" zone right outside the clinic and went to park the car. When I arrived she was already in the "nearly" ready seating area and she was in and out in record time with a thumbs up from the consultant and an extension to 4monthly visits.
My CT scan session was booked for 1600hrs so we took a leisurely stroll through the Spinal Injuries wing to find that there was a designer clothes sale dress and an amazing coat later we were off to the CT.
The staff told us straight away that there would be a delay as they had an emergency from ITU so we knew we were to be there for the long haul. So we sat back with our books to be entertained by the sheer efficiency of the whole operation as the waiting area filled up and the patients were processed with care and attention but incredible efficiency. What team work! The ITU patient had a large amount of equipment, seven nurses and two porters...all of which was fed into and out of the CT room.
Well done Stoke Mandeville!

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