Friday, 27 August 2010

Barny Pops in!

Settleing down to relax infront of the TV after dinner last evening my attention was drawn to the garden, viewed through the Patio Doors, as Barny swooped down, apparently from our roof, flew inches above Lionel (our Tom cat) and landed on my new bargain "end of season" glass garden dining table. We have not seen him since late June. I guess he has been on his holidays and just wanted us to know he was back and check out the state of the garden.

The three remaining young chicks moved in to the main flock hen house yesterday with there adopted Mum (Snowflake no-ring). I don't know what triggers that action but both broods this year have decided themselves, apparently at random, to not return to their secure brooding pen and just move back in with the other hens. It makes life simpler for me but I do have to take extra care to make the house rat proof (well as much as possible). I am slowly catching and killing the latest rat brood (one each day for the last 3 days) but no chance of catching the adults who are just too clever and too fit and, actually quite beautiful. Well they have a good healthy diet! LOL! I just wish they would stop eating my babies.

Meanwhile the foxes are still about although i only see the evidence left marking what they believe is their territory. And the Roe and Muntjaq Deer are still about most days. Rabbits everywhere!! The Kites are still about but they are much quieter and the swallows are still here although they can be seen shivering most days.LOL!

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