Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Fawn quacker!

Yesterday I investigated a strange noise to find one of the ducklings practicing quacking! He has not got it quite right yet but keep trying I am sure you will get the idea soon.

Our neighbouring wheat field has not yet been harvested and today it had two extra ears...which moved.

Of course I did not have my camera so have resorted to the wonderful interwebby thingy again to bring you a likeness of "Saville" the new member of the Roe family!
After a short while I noticed Mother Roe and the two of them made their leisurely way along the path formed by the tractor wheels through the wheat towards the woods. Every so often baby jumped over some clump of wheat so I could see that he is about half adult size. Then they were joined by Dad who had apparently been walking down the hedge on the airfield side. I stood so still that a rabbit walked past my feet and went on about his business without noticing me. Dad Roe dawdled a bit and Mum got to the edge of the wood turned and gave him a look....he scampered up and all three dissolved into the trees.
A pretty good way to start the day.

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