Sunday, 8 August 2010

A Good Night's sleep

Delighted to report that Snowflake (No Ring) has got the message and took her brood off to bed without any intervention from myself last evening. I was able to shut her and her family in with maximum security available from the foxes.
Maron (green ring) also got the idea and took her teenagers into the main hen house for the first time so I guess that group are fully integrated back into the main flock. How long before she re-starts laying?
Meanwhile Blondie still has the 3 remaining call ducklings who show no sign of interest in our one remaining adult Drake. Yesterday, whilst I supervised their afternoon walk, they all made a break for the wheat field....but I was quick enough and got them back without incident.
Autumn approaches....we swept the chimney, re-fire cemented the cracked bits and heated the old girl up to operating temperature. Now just need the modern equivalent of "Zebo" to make her look good.

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