Saturday, 28 August 2010

Jackdaw Jamboree

What a row this morning coming from the home made owl box 15ft up our telegraph pole at the very bottom of our garden!

The cause was 5 Jackdaws shouting and flapping on, in and around same. It would appear that many natural things are confused by the similarities between Spring and Autumn and the Jackdaw family who hatched in the box last Spring have returned and are having a re-union.

Over night both rat traps operated correctly!! Last evening, just as dusk fell, I secured the fowl against rat attacks and noticed a gigantic reddy orange moon rising almost due East over the Church. I moved onto our bank to get the best view and whilst there carefully scanned the wheat field (still not harvested and probably ruined) for Barny. A small noise and flutter in my far left peripheral vision drew my attention. Barny was perched on a sheep hurdle not 60 feet away watching ME!

Further news:- The rams have returned...presumably their work is done for another year and the lambs will be with us come Christmas.

The Fox (es) still visit nightly and leave messages to let me know they still lust for my hens.

Roe and Muntjaq deer are almost common place and we see at least one nearly every day.

The Moorhens (all survive) are now full size and indistinguishable from Mum & Dad.

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