Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ruby Wedding Day!

Today marks the 40th anniversary of my marriage to Jan.
The Bridesmaid's car broke down, the Best man forgot the rings, and several other things were not as planned.
It rained....
It was cold that evening.

We made it through and Jim took us out to dinner on Friday and there are a few pictures on Facebook

Looking back to our early years together

Fred the computer and Jan in my flat in Wembley.

And what have we done with those brief 40 years?

Three amazing children

And lots of fun in London,
the Maldives

Jan has been a post office counter clerk, dinner lady, a cub leader, and a group Scout leader. She has gained a Mathematics / Science based degree with the OU.

Together we have re-built our bungalow and built a sports car from a kit. We have raised countless chickens, rabbits, ducks, tropical, cold water and marine fish and kept a pony, several dogs and countless cats.

We had a boat on the canal and built a heated in ground swimming pool.

No wonder we feel a bit tired now and then.

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