Sunday, 29 August 2010

Slightly Quackers

Both rat traps made kills last night again. That is 9 rats in 7 nights. You would think they would be seen all the time but it is very rare that I get a glimpse. When I do it is of very healthy, bright eyed and clean furred animals. A pity that all they want is to kill and eat my chicks and / or pinch their food.
To cope all hens and their chicks (except Blondie) are securely locked into the hen house each night and their "pop" door is screwed shut. The human access door is wedged shut with wood and steel barriers against the floor. Still each morning there are fresh gnawings where the rats are attempting to eat their way through the wooden doors.
As for poor Quakers and Blondie they now have a high level guinea pig house inside the duck house and each evening they are lifted by me into this house and locked in. Then I have to lift them out each morning. Meanwhile the only remaining adult Drake refuses to come home to the Duck house preferring to take his chances with the Moorhens out on the ponds each night. Evidence (poo) shows that the fox(es) visit most nights but so far he has avoided them.

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