Monday, 27 September 2010

Do you speak cat?

Sunday Morning and the first bleary eyed visit to the loo.
I was joined by a very noisy and active cat called Lionel. We live in his house you know. He very rarely has anything to do with me and almost never makes early morning visits to my bathroom.
He was shouting, purring, trying to knock me over and generally doing the "Skippy" thing.

You know.....".....what's that Skippy....yeh...children stuck down a mine shaft?.....really....well we better go...." etc etc.

I took little notice, assisted him to take the stairs back down ..... well gently....I did not have my shoes on!

When we eventually got round to visiting his bedroom.....well we think of it as the spare room but he occupies it more than anyone (thing) else it was full of hundreds of newly hatched house flies. Obviously (now) he came to tell me (as landlord) that the situation in his room was not satisfactory and I better do something about it.

They have almost all gone now....just a few stragglers.

The cause? Well James is selling his flat and has de-cluttered several boxes of cd's, books etc to Lionel's room during the viewings. Amongst the boxes was one containing half the top tier of his wedding cake. (Being kept for the Christening of the first child as per tradition I guess).

The trouble is that that Tradition is meant to have a shelf life of 9 months (or less) and 2 years is just pushing it too far. Also the top Tier is not meant to be eaten at all until the Christening thus preserving the integrity of the sugar sealed cake.

The chickens have enjoyed a feast and Lionel went back to a nice clean room last night.

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