Thursday, 9 September 2010

Madonna Bantum

Maron (green ring) raised 4 chicks and looked after them very well but now she has gone back to work laying eggs and eating worms.

She has however made excellent child care arrangements with the very old little black bantam hen. This little hen is very independent and only lays half a dozen eggs a year and has never been broody. For a long time she has been the alpha female and I was quite wary that she might bully the new youngsters. She was obviously interested and started hanging out with them. Soon they had grown to about her size and she started taking them out on exciting adventures as she, like the youngsters can walk through the wire stock garden fence (Mum is too big).

It is now quite clear that she has totally adopted the 4 multi coloured youngsters. Last night all five were cuddled up in a nest box together. Her new name is now "Madonna".

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