Friday, 17 September 2010

Over Foxy

I was a little earlier to the top of the garden this morning.
Well it was the first day this autumn that the central heating had come on. So the bedroom was warm and I guess I got up earlier.
The sun shone, the grass glistened with dew and all was well with the World....until
Horror......but delight too.
In the corner of the sun drenched field were FOUR full grown foxes.
They were having a wonderful game jumping and pouncing all over the old giant hay bales that form the boundary of the airfield, and then onto a fallen tree that sticks into the woods.
Gradually they moved towards and into the woods and were joined by a Muntjaq who used the fallen tree as a bridge over the brook.
I gave up watching and came back for my breakfast.
How can I cope with 4 foxes and all these rats and rabbits?

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