Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sat Nav Hell

So Vic borrowed my Sat Nav when she was being taken to a "Training Day" by one of her new work mates.

She has just joined a new company and she and a few other recent recruits were required to go off to Head Office for some company introduction day. No one was sure of the way so she offered to navigate using my trusty (not) Sat Nav. Off they went.

After quite a while Vic began to feel a little hot as she realised that the route they were travelling was identical to the one we had used to get to the Golden Wedding Anniversary party on Saturday.

Had she set the new route properly? Yes of course she had. Say nothing just look for road signs to Bracknel.....none.....not mentioned....where is Bracknell?

Gosh! Vic now getting very hot casually checks the Sat Nav by zooming out to see how close to the party location they are.....very! In fact there is even a photograph of Dave & Terri superimposed on the map as the Sat Nav illustrates saved favourite locations this way.

Oh My! She is about to take her new work mates to visit her relatives. They are now leaving the motorway AT THE JUNCTION FOR DAVE & TERRI. Their house is just off to the right.

"At the roundabout take the first exit" says the sweet bitch in the machine!


Dave & Terri live off to the right........we are going left!!!

Vic's new Head Office is just so close to Dave & Terri! Vic is cooling....cooling....cooling.

Aren't Sat Navs wonderful?

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