Sunday, 19 September 2010

Summer ends after 50 years?

I always find it very sad when I finally give up hoping for a warm day and reluctantly put the Swimming Pool to bed for the long winter. Over Friday and Saturday that is what I did. It seems far too early as there are still strong rays in the sun but the cool August has meant that the pool lost a lot of heat which it is just not realistic to put back just for a few minutes swim. Friday was a good drying day and the pool was down to 18 deg C (which I understand is the temperature at which normal people should wear a wet suit) the end was here. It takes quite an effort to get the pool reasonably clean and drained down to a level that will allow the winter rain to refresh and re fill it for next Spring but all went well. The strong winter cover is now in place and the underwater light isolated.


Saturday was also My little sister's Golden Wedding party.

50 years ! Wow!

Where do they go.
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