Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween Ghost bread!

Above is a photograph of our loaf of Tesco crusty bread looking straight at it as we went to cut a slice for breakfast toast this morning 31 October 2010!!!!


Saturday, 23 October 2010

Crazy morning

Well not very crazy.
Just a little strange as the temperature went down to -4 C the night before last and I have been enjoying being in my new, incredibly cheap EBay winter garden coat and this morning just after 9am it was 15 C and a Sky lark was singing and souring as only Skylarks can.
If this is Spring it was a jolly short Winter.
I hope!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Minus 4!

It is only mid October plus a little bit and the temperature fell to -4deg C last night on the patio by the swimming pool and the blue star light solar led's amongst the grape vine leaves adjacent to the house were so shocked they somehow switched themselves into manic Christmas flashing mode.
It looked like a 70's disco in my bedroom at 3am this morning.
I just snuggled into my 15 tog duvet!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Jack Frost arrives

Yesterday was a good day for picking the Dahlia flowers and moving all the Geraniums and other fragile plants into the conservatory. For once in our lives we got the day right as Jack Frost visited last night and killed all the Dahlia plants and would have had the others if they had not been in. This is a bit early I think. I usually recon on the end of October for his first visit....but then I often loose some plants.

I think the Shepherd is cruel....he sheered all his sheep last week. They were a little cold this morning but apparently it stimulates them into eating and preparing their bodies for the winter.....he says.

Where do Moles go in the summer?    Well where ever, they are back! Four new Mole hills in the wild life area. Lot of Fox poo too....right down by the house.

One large rat caught in the feed shed too!

Lots of Pheasants about too. They are so neurotic they give warning to anything else that is about so it is difficult to catch sight of the more exotic although I did get a glimpse of a couple of Roe Does this week. Not so many rabbits about although there is a new hole in the lawn.

Farmer has sprayed the field....wonder what we will have next year. I hope it is pretty but more likely rotten old Rape.

Sunday, 10 October 2010


I've just been hiding under a tree.

Hiding by the pond whilst 3 ducks flew round and round trying to decide if they would or would not land on or near our wild life ponds. Eventually the female flew off but the 2 males landed in the sheep field and started fighting, but not with much enthusiasm.

One of our itinerant Call Duck Drakes has returned and tried to bring a Mallard wife with him but just got a ticking off from Mr Mallard who soon flew off again after his mate. I have left our Call Duck up there still in the field. If I get the chance I will clip his wings to try to reduce his wanderings.

Strange Autumnal weather has been with us for a few days now. You shouldn't get Wind, mist and heat at this time of year, well not all at once.

There is still a lot to do to put the garden to bed for the winter but the pool is done and the solar panel removed for storage. Most of the garden seats are away and lots of dead plants from pots have been cleared. But it is difficult to find the energy and drive needed.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Oh! I say!

Picture the scene....

It is late and time to put the house to rest and go to bed.

I collect the empty milk bottles and open the front door.

Jan shouts down the hall to Vicky "I just made Lionel jump. I opened the door and he was laying on the sofa washing his willy!"

The neighbours walking their dog before retiring hurry on.

Perhaps they don't know Lionel is a cat!

A Clean Cat

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Turf & Surf?

I hear that scientists have discovered that there is no such thing as a fish. or is it more that all fish are different and that one type of fish is not related in any way to another type of fish but may be related to a pig or a giraffe?

No need for Surf and Turf menus then.

What else can we say?

So flying fish are nothing special and whales and dolphins just happen to breathe air.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Jim Jams!

The surgeons have written to say they have had a good laugh over the pictures of my insides and are ready to go in and see for real just as soon as they have made the bed.
I'm really glad
I'm looking forward to it!!!
But I have not got any pyjamas!