Sunday, 17 October 2010

Jack Frost arrives

Yesterday was a good day for picking the Dahlia flowers and moving all the Geraniums and other fragile plants into the conservatory. For once in our lives we got the day right as Jack Frost visited last night and killed all the Dahlia plants and would have had the others if they had not been in. This is a bit early I think. I usually recon on the end of October for his first visit....but then I often loose some plants.

I think the Shepherd is cruel....he sheered all his sheep last week. They were a little cold this morning but apparently it stimulates them into eating and preparing their bodies for the winter.....he says.

Where do Moles go in the summer?    Well where ever, they are back! Four new Mole hills in the wild life area. Lot of Fox poo too....right down by the house.

One large rat caught in the feed shed too!

Lots of Pheasants about too. They are so neurotic they give warning to anything else that is about so it is difficult to catch sight of the more exotic although I did get a glimpse of a couple of Roe Does this week. Not so many rabbits about although there is a new hole in the lawn.

Farmer has sprayed the field....wonder what we will have next year. I hope it is pretty but more likely rotten old Rape.

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