Monday, 29 November 2010

Cold Fox and no Dancing

Yesterday we were jubilant as the hens presented us with the first two eggs after their Autumn moult. The hens now have full sets of feathers and look very healthy and happy. They are especially heart warming to see when they are set free to run and hunt in the garden.
But not today!
This morning when Jan went to feed them there was a large Dog Fox in the yard looking for breakfast.
So poor hens have to stay in without human supervision. Boredom and hunger may make them into egg eaters so it could be really bad.
Last evening as Strictly was just starting we lost all electricity. We were great Scouts and Guides! Found the candles, candle lamps, torches, had the gas hob glowing and found the wind -up radio. Unfortunately Vic found a bottle of wine so she was happy. We even managed to find the phone that works during power cuts and found out that it was a big underground fault that took a large area out - so not going to be a quick repair. We found a battery powered DVD machine lent to me for my trip to Hospital and watched a chic flic (?) until the battery was flat and then finished it off in Mum's lap top.
By then the power had come back on  ........ but you have to see the end don't you?

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Home again

I am now home, a little confused and a little sore but otherwise fine.

If you were on Facebook you would have seen little updates as I had minimal internet access from my bed, until I broke it.

All went extremely well so far and they encountered none of the possible problems they had warned me, and frightened me, about.

Avoided the bed bath as the lusty nurses lined up the doctor told them to take my pipes out and send me off for a shower.....twice in one week....what a waste of water.

Stitches should come out next Wednesday and in about 6 weeks they will check to see if they got all the bits of stone out ok. By then they may have analysed the ones they got out and I might be told more about how to stop them coming back.

Thanks for all your comments and good wishes.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Fly away to Spring!

It is one of those bright, damp, misty Autumn mornings.
The farmer has finished ploughing, harrowing and seeding the field, will it be winter wheat again or maybe Barley. I'll let you know as soon as I do. Anyway the deer appear to have moved on to find less muddy haunts.
The garden is pretty well ready for winter and the water supply is turned off and drained. We have many extra patio plants staying with us as their owners are homeless and have flown off to (and arrived in) Perth Australia to enjoy a little down under Spring. Here is the plane that took them from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpa
We tracked them over Felixstowe and on to Amsterdam on "Flightradar24" until we had to leave to look after Imogen but were disappointed later when Tom searched and found that they had left the available tracking system over Poland and did not find them again.
Currently sitting in the Garden playing with Martha as I write.