Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wonderful People and Spring.

Yesterday the first white tips of the snowdrops were seen in both the sheltered northern side of the house and in the sheltered southern beds.
Exactly the same date as last year. Perhaps they like lots of snow.
There are also a few yellowish tips of daffodils to be seen.
Hold on it can't be far away!

There are some wonderful people out there in the World.
I have had masses of information emailed to me from the good people of Abthorpe, near Towcester, Nothamptonshire who undertook a millennium project to digitise all their Church registers. I commented on their Internet news paper that I wanted to know about my distant ancestor who was landlord of their "Stocking Frame" Pub and they have sent me all the records back to 1597! No charge!

Also a fellow amateur genealogist who helped me some time ago has shared some information he has found about one of my wife's relatives. It must have taken him a long time and quite a bit of cash to find but he has freely shared it. Thank you Stephen!

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