Wednesday, 16 February 2011

B&Q Sharon!

As some of you have read I had a bit of an embarrassing phone conversation with a B&Q assistant last week when I thought that I had been cheated by the self service till. It turned out that the missing item I had been charged for had rolled under the passenger seat in the car.

Well her name was Sharon.

And today I went to the till with an assistant. I told the lady there that I was no good on the self service till and had problems last week.
She knew!
She was Sharon and remembered me very clearly.
I felt very small again but Sharon was very nice.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Wet Sunday's are for playing Trains

Today Mercury Arc Rectifiers were commissioned for test purposes on the Loft Railway following the provision of the first electrical substation completed on 25 December 2010.

The best visual effect is seen on a dark night when the load drawn increases as a fully loaded train pulls away from a station stop.

Ah I remember it well.....

The substation looks rather dull in daylight.

The blue effect is achieved with just one blue LED.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Spring, springs and CCTV

OOHHHHH what a couple of days.
Daffodils, crocus and pink Ice plant flowering, birds singing their heads off and it's pouring with rain!

I celebrated with the self service check out supervisor at B&Q yesterday as after 2 years since their installation I managed to check and pay for my purchases, including pensioner discount, all on my own.
At home I found I had been charged for some mysterious item to do with saving the planet. I phoned them up explaining that the amount was too small to justify the round trip petrol cost but that their machine had done me! The most apologetic lady there said she would check the details and post me a credit note. I thought that would be fine.
SHE PHONED back to tell me she could see on the CCTV that I actually did have that item and thus she could not send a refund ..... I found it under the car seat where it had rolled. Just a small pot of paint that has few chemicals in it and is thus classified, and abbreviated on the B&Q till receipt, as "Ecosense".
Ever wanted the ground to open?

Our central heating and hot water has been behaving strangely so I investigated and found that the 2 way spring return valve was not working properly. Replacement £87 at Screwfix but only £36 on Ebay!
The Ebay purchase arrived at lunch time yesterday ... just a simple replacement job so I got stuck in.

Well we all went to bed about 0100hrs feeling very cold and tired as various springs had gone ping and the electrical terminals could not be accessed without demolishing part of a wall and pulling all the cables through to the loft space. I connected it back up but some of the cables had magically swapped randomly to the wrong positions and nothing worked. The airing cupboard had to be demolished and I still had such a problem connecting the motor unit that I jambed it.
Sleep is a wonderful thing! The system has been drained the unit replaced and the wiring almost returned to neatness. It all seems to be working.
Fingers crossed.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Chicken based Call Duck

Last Summer we hatched 3 Call Duck eggs with the assistance of a broody hen. Two of the ducklings were killed by rats but the third has grown into a fine figure of a Call Duck Drake.

The problem is that he has been raised by Hens and now lives happily (as far as I can tell) with the nine hens and three cocks.

The other day I caught him and took him to the ponds where I set him free to have a good swim and wash.
After a few tentative moments he got the idea and it was a delight to see him splashing, washing and diving. In no time he was swimming right across the pond under water. He even started to practice the male call duck mating dance which he accompanied by the correct whistling calls. I left him to play. Eventually I rounded him up after many hours and returned him to the Chicken house.

The next day I let the whole flock out for exercise and play in the garden. I expected the drake to set off for the ponds but no, he stayed with the hens on the grass. later I noticed him going through the whole washing, diving and mating dance routine..... but not in water..... he was still in the middle of the lawn surrounded by hens.

What is worse ...they were completely ignoring him.

I think I need a Duck therapist. Know one?