Thursday, 3 March 2011

Wheeler dealer Frog Spawn!

I've been a little busy recently.
We went to a local auction and bid for several things we thought we might like to have but the only thing we won was a massive box of toy trains and associated bit and pieces. It was all quite disgustingly filthy!
I took some time working through the piles of stuff and feeling that I ought to sell it to recoup the several hundreds of pounds I had spent but feeling more and more that I wanted to keep all the good bits.
Especially the certificated limited edition of the Flying Scotsman untouched in its original presentation box.

I am now quite a minor major EBay seller!

Everything that has come up to its closing time so far has sold and I have recouped the first £100. I still have a long way to go but lots of bits are already appearing on my railway including a new marshaling yard, several buildings with lights and a lot of new rolling stock.

Quick trips into the garden reveal that Spring is nearly a month earlier than last year and the first Frog Spawn has been deposited in the ponds nearest to the house. I have planted a few seeds but there is a bitter East wind today so I think I shall do some more railway in the warm.

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