Wednesday, 1 August 2012

LTL Acorn Scouting Camera deployment and early results.

I have come back in order to compile and share the photographic and video images I am getting with my new Game trail camera in and around my garden and adjacent field.

Hope you enjoy it.

The trouble with wild life photography, as an amateur, is that it is so difficult to get close enough to the timid animals that photography and video can be rather poor quality.

The Game camera solves that problem because it is left to operate automatically, started by the wildlife and stopped after a predetermined time.

Less than a week after reading the instructions I got this:-

That night we also got another tantalising view of a Badger. After 25 years residence here you would think we would have known there were badgers about but the only indication we have ever had is the occasional destruction of wasps nests that had been built in rabbit holes. Research suggested that in the UK only badgers do this (to feed on the Wasp grubs).

Tonight I have tried to position the camera to get a better view of the Badger path but it is quite windy so the Camera may be triggered by moving grass / wheat and I may just get a load of rejects. It will be fun though.

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