Friday, 17 August 2012

Miniature frustration.

Yesterday the camera fired 126 times. It was looking closely at a well established game path through and along the edge of the wheat field where previously I have captured Deer, Badgers and Foxes.
It would appear that most of the wild life has gone on holiday. There was a fleeting flash of a fox passing at 4.19am but apart from that the action has moved to a frustratingly tiny mouse.
Well I think it is a mouse but it is testing both camera and eyesight to the limit.
What do you think it is?  I offer a slowed down sample of the best 37 seconds. Yes these really are the best bits!

The video is silent.

Must also note that yesterday Transport for London announced that they are terminating the PFI Power Contract after only 15 of the 30 years it had to run. What a disaster for London Underground. The only good thing has been that I have enjoyed 11 years of early retirement.

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