Monday, 20 August 2012

Perfect Summer's day and night.

After a wonderful "proper" English Summer's day including grandchildren in the pool we set the game camera further down the field a bit closer to the woods and were rewarded with a few better than average shots.

The badger at last slowed down enough to see that it is a big healthy looking animal.

Foxy found a cracked egg I had left and a camera shy rabbit stared into the lense in an unearthly manner.

But best of all we at last captured footage of one of this year's baby Roe Deer. Not so young now and out on its own you can clearly see that it is only as tall as the wheat (about18 inches) and thus, when in the field only the ears and occasionally the eyes can be seen above the crop.

The video is silent and any sound effects you hear, Evelyn, are coming from your own dog!

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