Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wild? Or just cross?

I have given the wild life in the fields a rest from my intrusive camera for a while and have been cutting back the excessive growth of the hedges.

There were so many nests this Spring that I was just not allowed to make the early cut so this late summer cut has been massive. All went well, if slowly until I cut back the grape vine close to the house. It appears that Walter and Winny Wood pigeon have set up in there with a second nest and a third brood. (Left) 
They were not pleased to see me.

I have also taken a shot (left) of the clearly visible deer path through the wheat field. It is only about 10inches wide and joins the Tractor wheel routes which act as major highways through the field (above). I would love to leave the camera at the junction but as the farmer must soon harvest the crop I cannot risk it.

 The shot on the left shows the wheat  which has been eaten. This is where I shot the video of this year's Roe Deer Fawns.

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