Saturday, 8 September 2012

Misty Muntjac doe

I have not been able to get any worthwhile still or video pictures recently as the animals and weather have not been co-operating.

Visual observations tell us that there are at least 3 Roe deer does living in harmony. One has quite young twin fawns, one has a slightly older fawn and the third maybe last year's fawn. They appear together occasionally and all fled together when they saw me yesterday morning.

This morning there were 2 Roe stags together.

We are having a lovely warm and sunny spell of weather but the early mornings have very heavy dew which has rather spoilt today's video.
It is of a Muntjac doe who is very wary of the camera and eventually flees without passing it.
I will have to try to remove or mask my scent.

A badger was also seen swiftly passing. I still have no idea where their set is.

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