Sunday, 25 May 2014

Close encounter!

Due to boring Spanish football on the TV and long wet rain showers it was near 9pm when Barney and I went over to the Badger sett to position the camera last night.

The badgers were already awake and beginning to stir and could be seen just inside the sett mouth.
I signalled to Barney to be "quiet" and gradually 4 Badgers emerged. One walked just 6 feet passed me into the trees and towards Barney who was very interested. We were both on the edge of the bean field and there is a thin strip of woodland between it and the airfield. The badgers have paths throughout this strip which are quite impenetrable to me but which Barney can manage with ease.

I was very relieved that he did not bolt in but stayed quietly with me.

We left the camera and the badgers in peace.

You can see the short video I got here: -

We returned for the best 45 minutes of Football I have seen for a long time!!

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