Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Foxes gone?

It would appear that the vixen has taken her cubs away as we have not seen any sign of them for days.

 This picture (taken with an automatic night vision trail camera) is the only shot of a fox for 24 hours and it did not stay long even with the temptation of 6 duck eggs under the cover. Too soon to relax and let my girls roam free though and they would be bound to dig up my young flowers anyway.

The maternity ward is in full swing with 6 Silkies due to hatch this week to be followed by 6 call ducks, 3 Marron hens, and 4 Appleyard ducks. The doves have 4 youngsters just getting their feathers.

Baby wild Coal Tits, baby Great Tits and a baby Magpie all visited the feeding station yesterday.

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