Saturday, 3 May 2014

Frost in May

Last night we were warned to protect our baby plants as the weather people predicted frost with temperatures falling to 3C. Actually my thermometer recorded -1.9C (28.6F) so we may have lost some fruit and blossom.
The foxes seemed to know something was not going to be to their liking as there was a lot of calling and on our final walk of the evening Barney found a cub hiding in the bean field. Perhaps the Vixen moved them to a new home. Time will tell.
The camera was by the Badger sett but my positioning was very poor and the shots are  not good as they are mainly of trees!
 However they do show that at around 4am the badger sitting directly under the camera (and occasionally knocking it) was producing thermals with visible water vapour. I have repositioned the camera for today.
A Muntjak was at the bottom of the garden as barney and I went to recover the SD card and Barney sat and watched as it scuttled away to the airfield boundary.

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