Monday, 19 May 2014

Nature all around

Today we identified the fine song, but dull plumage, of a bird that thrills us with his songs sung at the far (and wild) end of our garden. It is a Garden Warbler. A summer visitor we had not noticed before.
Slightly more exciting I heard the male cuckoo calling. I have not heard that visitor for a good 10 years. Welcome back!

The Badger cubs were very boisterous again and once more knocked the camera over so that I have very little to see except them "play" fighting.

This morning, whilst well down the garden and close to the house the chickens (enjoying a supervised stroll) were attacked by a young fox. The beta cock was grabbed but unharmed as Barney and I rushed to their assistance. The fox dropped the cock and jumped the wire fence clambering through the bushes and escaping. It took a while to round all the fowl up as they were all rather excited bit all were accounted for and secured.

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