Thursday, 22 May 2014

Near death experience?

Yesterday my morning walk round the garden revealed a bright deep red fox standing in the sheep field watching me. No exercise for the fowls then. They remained confined.

After lunch I supervised a walk and scratch around but needed to visit the greenhouse for some plants. As I started my return the beta cockerel gave his alarm call and all hell broke loose. Three brown hens shot towards me shedding masses of feathers in their wake. Barney barked and shot between the bird accelerating into the distance. The five ducks appeared and walked into their compound slightly nervously. The alpha cockerel was making a fuss in the sheep field. The black and the white hens were very frightened and difficult to coax into their compound. There was a mound of feathers just outside the poly-tunnel!

My hero, Barney is looking forward to the World Cup.
Barney pursued the trail right across the bean field and into the copse on the edge of the airfield. I could see the odd brown feather dropped along the route and assumed that foxy had got one of my girls. We returned and got all the girls home but one. Missing! Gone! Just a pile of soft feathers.

No. We found a perfect, untouched brown hen happy clearing up fallen bird food right by the house, oblivious to any drama.

All returned to their compound a closer inspection revealed that one of the first to go home was short of quite a few feathers but otherwise ok. Another victory for Barney.

I wish I could see the fox's face when he stopped his flight from Barney and set to enjoy his meal only to discover he had a mouth full of feathers without a single chicken nugget!

Heavy rain all night and the camera only showed a blurred Muntjak feeding in the bean field.

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