Thursday, 29 May 2014

New life and aliens!

The camera still scanning the bean field picked up an alien living among the beans.

What do you think this can be?

This is what we normally see when a fox triggers the camera to shoot.

As the rain continued to fall we watched from the comfort of the lounge as newly hatched blue tits, great tits and a family of 7 Jackdaws fed from our bird feeders.

This white tailed fox has still not worked out how to get the eggs from under the bowl.

Late at night a fox without a white tip to its tail brought three cubs to the camera. There is a short video here:-

Watch the video to see the alien and its mate by the bowl and it is really easy to identify.
Meanwhile the white hen has hatched 4 "silky" chicks overnight and she has changed from a cuddly soft toy into a miniature "Tyrannosaurus Rex" , trying to kill my hand as I removed the spent shells and 2 infertile eggs.

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