Friday, 23 May 2014

Thunder and lightening ... very very frightening!

Quite a quiet wet morning in the garden mainly spent in the poly-tunnel where warm summer could still be enjoyed and we were able to supervise the fowl without excitement. The doves are busy with two pairs of twins to attend. If they mature our flock will number 10. We also have 4 broody hens and a broody duck.
Heavy rain trapped us with them for some time before we were able to return to the house and the joys of daytime TV.

We caught up on the "Tour of Italy" cycle race which was frequently interrupted by mini power cuts as the thunder storms raged all around. Eventually the power went out for good at 4pm. All the neighbours WiFi signals disappeared from my Kindle so I knew it wasn't just us but would anyone have phoned the power company or should I?

Well I did, and they knew and estimated the transformer fault would be cleared by 6:30pm. Having once been an Electrical Engineer who cleared a Transformer fault in a record 5 days by replacing it with a spare I questioned their reasoning but power came back at 6:15pm so it either was not a transformer fault or they have an alternative way of feeding us.

Doesn't it take an age to re-set all the clocks and re-tune the radio?

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