Saturday, 24 May 2014

Unexpected passenger.

I love my simple home life so I go out in my car rarely.
This is most economic and good for the planet but it has an unexpected drawback living on the edge of vast English countryside.

On my latest journey in the car I thought I would use up my Tesco discount and fill the car and some cans (for the garden machines). When I arrived there was a bit of a queue and the sun was in hot blast mode so I thought it would be good to give the aircon a go. Wow! what a strange noise and a lot of vibration from the power plant. I switched it off and opened the windows instead.

Investigation showed that my static vehicle awaiting its call to duty had been accepted by the local wild life as part of their environment and some homeless mouse(?) had started re-cycling the engine insulation and re-using it as a snug nest in the fan chamber!

It's all cleaned out now and works fine. The mouse? No idea but look for him near Tesco's.

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