Thursday, 19 June 2014

24 hours at the edge of the woods

There is very little activity at the edge of the woods this summer in comparison to previous years.
I left the camera for 48 hours and captured very little.
The roe deer and the badgers are ranging elsewhere.
Perhaps the work undertaken on deepening and clearing the ditch disturbed their settled routine. We may have to wait a year or two for a new pattern to emerge.

Meanwhile the young fox with the distinctive tail marking (a 2014 cub) is still thriving and the Muntjak stag had a good look at the camera and later nuzzled it, so he is no longer phased by its presence. A female Muntjak also passed by some hours later.

Short video here:-

Meanwhile the Appleyard duck hatched 2 of her eggs and within a day had lost one of the ducklings. Deciding she was not a very good mother I have attempted to integrate the remaining duckling with the 2 call ducklings hatched by the brown hen. initial results look hopeful.

The water lillies on the fish pond are in full flower.

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