Monday, 16 June 2014

A few heart racing seconds.

Last evening I strolled across the Bean field (via the wild life tracks) with Barney and my tiny HD video camera. Unlike the previous evening (when I did not have the camera) we did not see the 2 Muntjak deer or the Roe deer stag.

Barney is very good at watching deer and will not chase them so long as I tell him to be quiet and watch, but then I know they can easily out run him.

He is trained to chase rabbits (who damage the garden), Squirrels (who pinch the nuts) and foxes (who kill and eat our hens and ducks) but in every case they can out run and out manoeuvre him. And the exercise does him good.

He has only once met a Badger as far as I know and it was a slightly alarming stand off in the pitch black of night. I could not see, but judging by the noises, the badger did not run so Barney did not chase then the Badger made a bolt for freedom and Barney chased half heartedly and came back to me with lots of swagger as if he had won a great battle of will but I think was relieved.

So as we walked along the field hedge towards the Badger Sett I peered through the trees to see two Badger Cubs were up and out of the sett only feet from me and on course to meet Barney within seconds. You can see what happened in the next few moments here:-

Barney was extremely well behaved but it was a while before my heart rate returned to normal.

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