Sunday, 8 June 2014

June is busting out all over!

This morning Barney and I set off to recover the SD card from the camera on the Badger Sett.
Glorious sunshine!
First he cleared the fish pond of the pesky heron.
Card collected we returned across the bean field and saw a pair of Roe deer down by the woods.
I settled squatting at the end of my mowed path and Barney came and watched with his front paws on my knee so he could see as the Roes slowly made their way towards us on the field margin.
With the firm but light breeze in our faces the deer got to within 15 feet of us before they saw us.
They high tailed it back to the woods and we returned for breakfast.
After which I found I had lots of footage of the Badgers. The cubs are almost full grown and Mum & Dad set about a well deserved cuddle and no doubt considered making some more cubs for next year.

I have a video here:-

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