Saturday, 12 July 2014

Rare this year.

Summer rushes on and it really is being one to remember weather wise, delightful.

Last night I put the auto trail camera at the end of the path across the bean field that leads to the badger sett in the woodland at the edge of the RAF airfield. I scattered a few peanuts and pony nuts and was pleased with the results when I edited the video, shown here:-

There was quite a lot of Fox activity so they are still about in numbers that will be unlikely to survive when winter comes. They tend to hunt alone but often meet. So far they are tolerating each other but when food gets more difficult to find that may change.
 I was delighted to capture just 20 seconds of this gracious visitor.

Roe deer have been a rare sight this year. The wonderful summer weather has allowed the grasses to grow so tall that there is masses of cover for them to hide in and the farmer has not killed the weeds growing in the bean crop. In addition the RAF airfield is fringed with a wide band of wild land; and this has not been cropped for rough hay as in past years, so it may be that they are out there, just not having their photos updated!

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